Kevin and EddieInterviewing Eddie Chavez was a fun experience. The recording didn’t take long once the cameras started rolling, but a lot of time was spent on setting up the cameras to get the angles that I wanted. We filmed it in the studio in Cleveland Hall but it only provides a wide side camera on both the interviewer and the interviewee. We positioned two cameras to get close ups of both people and we also spent a good amount of time making sure that the opposite camera wasn’t visible in the shot.

In order to reach the viewing audience of those who either graduated from the WSU Sport Management program or those who are interested in the program, I decided to focus my questions on the experiences that Eddie has had outside of class that the program helped him get. I wanted to show prospective students the kinds of opportunities that they can expect if they come to the school and program. That lead us to talking about his experience working WSU athletics including baseball and tennis.

After the interview, I asked him where I could get some b-roll to supplement the interview. Luckily, he was working a tennis match the following weekend. When we filmed, we were positioned right next to the bouncy house which made the sound from the camera almost unusable. I decided to record some ambient sounds on my phone to supplant the footage if needed.

The editing process was simple. I had three different camera angles to work with as well as some different b-roll shots. We synced the audio when we filmed so it was easy to get all the video clips to match up. From there it was a matter of deciding what questions to include to meet that 1:30 length requirement. I had about four minutes of footage. There were a few times where Eddie had some long pauses and “ums” that I was able to cut out to make the video flow better and shorten the time. Overall, I am proud of my final video. I enjoyed filming and I feel that the final product flows well and provides an interesting story to viewers.  I also learned a lot about how to conduct a good interview. You can watch the video below: