My name is Kevin Vallene and I will be running this website throughout my Sport Management 379 class. I am a Communication and Broadcast major with a minor in Sport Management at Washington State University.

My career goal is to be a sports play by play broadcaster with a focus in baseball. I originally wanted to get into radio  and broadcast since my dad studied broadcast at WSU. That started to meld into a desire to do play by play  broadcasting with a focus on baseball. As a kid I would narrate while playing games like MLB 2K and that just evolved into my career aspirations of becoming a play by play broadcaster. WSU has provided a solid foundation with the ability to gain broadcast experience at KUGR, the student radio station. I am hoping to secure an internship with a summer league baseball team this coming summer.

My international experience is limited as I have only been on the west coast of the United States with brief visits to Canada and Mexico. I also have limited experience with other languages, having studied Spanish in High School and remembering very little of it. However, I am in my second semester of studying Japanese at WSU with the hopes of studying abroad in Japan before I graduate. It started with an interest in anime and Japanese games but it soon developed in an interest in the culture. Japan has a very vibrant baseball culture and I think it would be really cool to explore it.


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